The Kenbo Dremel Holder For Small Lathes

Kenbo is now producing Dremel holders for small lathes. The holder has a 1/4" shank that will fit in the toolposts of most small lathes. It is adjustable up and down to get it on center. Available in two thread sizes, 3/4"-16 for older Dremel tools and 3/4"-12 for modern ones. It is important to check the nose of your Dremel before ordering. The price is $25.00 and may be purchased directly from Kenbo, email him for details.
The tool works well, most of the limitations are due to the Dremel tool, best to use one with good bearings (Some Dremel tools have plain rather than ball bearings and can get quite loose) and if possible variable speed as often they will vibrate too much to do precision work. The best use is as a router spindle for doing work on wood.

The Kenbo dremel holder.
Rear view.
Three Dremel tools.
The caps removed from the Dremel tools. The center one is older and you will notice the threads are finer.
The Dremel mounted in the Kenbo holder. While you don't have to, shimming the nose (I used a washer) so that the switch is oriented on top makes it easier to use.
Using a rubberized abrasive wheel to polish a piece of aluminum. Not the tinfoil on the lathe bed to catch the grit.
Drilling holes with the Dremel. It is important to align the tool square to the work for this.
Carving flutes on a piece of wood using the spindle as an indexer (spindle locked via an index plate for each cut).
Note that depending on the cut desired you can orient the tool behind or in font of the work, or at just about any angle.
The flutes around the periphery.
A Dremel router bit used to turn a shoulder.
A larger Dremel router bit set up to cut flats on the wood.
.Cutting flats.

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