Rob Kuhlman's Jackshaft for the Taig

In an attempt to slow down the spindle speed of my Taig, in particular so I could try to turn cast iron locomotive driver castings for my gauge 0 and gauge 1 live steam locomotives, I decided to construct a jackshaft (intermediate shaft) utilizing as many off-the-shelf components as I could find. I purchased some 5/8" galvanized pipe fittings at the local home center -- three straight lengths, two 90 degree elbows, and two floor flanges. The shaft itself was made from 3/8" steel bar. I purchased two pillow blocks from MSC: #07571144 Spiraflow Self-Aligning Needle Roller Mounted Bearings, i.d. 0.375". I also purchased another pair of Taig pulleys and an additional Gates belt from Nick Carter.
I wanted to be able to adjust the position of the jackshaft on the pipe upright to take up slack in the drive belts, so I made a pair of clamps for the pillow blocks out of scrap aluminum bar and used wing nuts and spring washers to affix them in position. In the lower photo you'll also note two sleeves of thin walled brass tubing which I slipped over the shaft on either side of the left pillow block. These are held in position by the adjacent pulleys and are used to take up end shake on the shaft. ...And while everything was apart I took the opportunity to insert a 1" block of plywood under the Taig to facilitate the removal of swarf.


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